Shopping For Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys

Gift giving is a nice gesture that shows someone how much you love and value them that you really went out of your way to get them a nice gift. The problem with gift giving, though, is that it’s always difficult to find a perfect gift that the receiver will like. Asking them for their wish list may sometimes be a good idea, but it sort of spoils the surprise. Finding gifts for 12 year old boys can be quite tricky, because not only are boys picky, but they are also at an in-between age, wherein they’re no longer a child but still not an adult yet.

To make shopping for gifts for 12 year old boys much easier, here’s a list of helpful tips that will hopefully help you make a good choice:

Huffy basketball rimFeed their need for action and sports: When it comes to choosing presents for boys, you can never go wrong with an item that addresses their passion for adventure, interaction and play. An example of a nice gift would be a brand new computer game that they can enjoy with friends or a basketball ring in the garage where they can do shooting and play hardball with the boys.

Find something that suits their passions and interests. Not all boys, however are into sports and rough play. For those who prefer more passive activities, there are always toys that boys can play on their own such as the latest robot or car model. Those who love being outdoors would truly appreciate gifts like bicycles, skates or skateboards that will give them the freedom to explore.

Get him a nice set of outfits. Since boys are not big fans of shopping and fashion, these 12 year olds will surely appreciate having something that they can easily throw on. It’s important, however, that you buy the kind of clothes that speaks of their own individual styles. If he’s athletic and sporty, it’s best to give him rubber shoes or a nice hooded jacket. The more preppy ones, on the other hand, will be more keen towards collared shirts, khakis and polos.

now that's what I call music 40Entertain him with music, movies and dance. 12 year old boys, nowadays, have their own say on the kind of music and film genre that they like. Try to feed his appreciation for culture and the arts by gifting him with a film or music cd that he really likes.

Buying gifts for 12 year old boys will surely be breezy and truly enjoyable as long as you open your imagination, explore new and creative ideas and try to unleash the inner child in you. And more importantly, make it a fun and exciting shopping experience. There are surely a lot of wonderful gift ideas that you can play around with.

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2 Responses to Shopping For Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys
  1. Fred Sanchez
    October 26, 2011 | 6:44 am

    Great suggestions Diane! Very thoughtful. You really do have you finger on the pulse of young people. I always do think it is risky however to try and buy clothes for teens. It’s hard to say what will seem “cool” to them. A hoodie is probably a safe choice, but I’m not really sure what “rubber shoes” are. I think teens in this area like expensive, name brand athletic shoes around here, but I wouldn’t know which ones are fashionable and which are geeky. As you mention, electronic games are a good bet, but even with these the selection is vast and it can be difficult to blindly pick one they will enjoy. Even though gift cards are generic, when i was young I never minded them and they do insure the person gets exactly what they want.

  2. Sara S.
    October 26, 2011 | 7:03 am

    I wanted to commend you on your pick for the NOW CD! I’m not a teen, but I purchased the last two volumes and they were fantastic! The music on the discs is actually really current and it’s just like listening to a Top 40 type radio station but without all those obnoxious commercials. The discs are very generous too — 16 top hits from several of the big music labels and 4 up and comers from new acts that may break big in the future. I am dating myself but they remind me of the K-Tel records of yesteryear that were sold on TV, but the songs are sooooo much fresher. Pop music fans of all ages will love these discs. Great value, even if you normally but MP3s!

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